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Welcome to My World!

Hi there, my name is Bailey Crackel, and I am an artist from Wyoming who specializes in paintings and murals!

I wanted to start this blog to give my readers a glimpse into a creative life and maybe inspire someone to follow their passions as well. When I started my business in 2019 with my two little ones by my side, I wanted to show them to pursue the things that made them happy and thats when Crackel Artworks was born!

In this blog, I am hoping to help other creatives, artists, parents, business owners succeed in what makes them happy! Here are some topics I want to touch up on!

Parenting + Business

How do parents run a business while also raising a family? How does one grow a business from scratch? Id like to touch base on these topics and see what we could all learn.

The Creative Lifestyle

Having a creative career has taught me that it is completely different from any other job I have had. There are many obstacles that we must go through and I want to use this outlet to zone in on how we get throught these obstacles and hey, maybe help a fellow artist or two.

Comment below if you have any topics you'd like me to touch on!

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